Destined to become a homemaker in a traditional Orthodox home, Laya Martinez changed the trajectory of her life by choosing her own path…


…to become a successful entrepreneur and thought leader. After initially studying at Yeshiva University to become a Hebrew School teacher, she used her experience working as a part-time administrative aide at a software company to climb the industry’s ranks and become MasterCharge’s only female programmer at that time. Laya went on to found two successful data processing companies serving Fortune 500 clients, and was identified by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of Philadelphia’s Top 25 Women Business Owners. She is credited with founding the first female club (and business club table) at the Union League of Philadelphia. 

An inspiring story that offers hope to anyone suffering from similar disheartening circumstances. Laya openly confides her innermost fears and agonizing dilemmas with honesty and heartfelt emotion. Her uplifting story will touch and amuse but also challenge us to reflect with her on the power of close-minded religious fervor to ostracize individuals and destroy families.
— Isabelle Gundaker
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